Rigid Packaging

The rigid packaging industry has a very strong hold in plastic packaging market. Even in a market as broad as rigid packaging we offers molders an opportunity to deliver new and advanced products. We are a leader in developing products that offer better aesthetics for applications such as caps and closures, bottles, carboys, drums, crates, trays and more.


Flexible Packaging

We have the ability to accomplish the main purpose of packaging material by protecting the product from physical, chemical and microbiological deterioration. The flexible packaging industry is a huge market with extensive variety of segments and products.

In today’s world continuously changing lifestyle demands innovation and developments of new concepts in packaging industry. Food packaging takes herein a major role as high demanding segment, often searching for exceptional properties. This drives the demand for changes in polymer and masterbatch designs as well.


Industrial Packaging

Industrial packaging provides protection during each phase of manufacture such as storage and transport of spare parts, semi-finished and finished products. Industrial packaging is used to describe a wide variety of flexible and rigid packaging systems.Certainly for polyethylene, the industrial packaging market is an extreme important market sector



  • PP & PET Straps