Our extensive world-class manufacturing facilities include three manufacturing units in the Union Territory of Daman ,  Roorkee - Uttarakhand and our new unit in Palsana - Gujarat consisting of state-of- the-art production lines employing advanced manufacturing technology to produce premium quality products.

A very well combination of experience of five decades, expertise skills & latest technology made Plastiblends  India’s largest manufacturer & exporter of masterbatches. We provide thousands of black, white & color masterbatches grades, including those having high pigment loadings, temperature resistance, UV resistance and electrical conductivity.

Plastiblends’  array of masterbatch includes:

  • Additive Masterbatches
  • Conductive Compounds
  • POLYCOLOR Masterbatches
  • POLYCOLOR BLACK Masterbatches
  • POLYCOLOR WHITE Masterbatches
  • POLYWHITE Filler Masterbatches

To enhance innovation of Additive masterbatches Plastiblends includes:

  • Agriculture Masterbatches
  • Anti Block Masterbatches
  • Antioxidant Masterbatches
  • Anti Static Masterbatches
  • Anti Microbial Masterbatches
  • Anti Rodent Masterbatches
  • Clarifying & Nucleating Agent Masterbatches
  • Desiccant Masterbatches
  • Flame Retardant Masterbatches
  • Lubricant Masterbatches
  • Oxo Biodegradables Masterbatches
  • Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatches
  • PP Non Woven Masterbatches
  • PP Property Modifier Masterbatches
  • PET Masterbatches
  • PET Fiber Masterbatches
  • PET Property Modifier Masterbatches
  • Property Enhancer Masterbatches
  • Slip Masterbatches
  • Utraviolet Stabilizer Masterbatches

Plastiblends bunch of color range contains specialty masterbatches such as :

  • Aesthetic solid shades & Pastel colors Masterbatches
  • Fluorescent Masterbatches
  • Metallic Masterbatches
  • Marble effect Masterbatches
  • Pearlescent Masterbatches
  • Phosphorescent- Night Glow Masterbatches
  • Transparent Masterbatches