POLYDRY is a desiccant additive masterbatch designed to draw out moisture from plastics during melt processing.  POLYDRY desiccant contains a special additive which chemically blinds with any moisture in the polymer melt in a non-reversible reaction which is stable at all polymer processing temperatures.  1% of POLYDRY masterbatch is recommended for every 0.15% moisture present in the polymer/compound.

Key Characteristics

  • Highly Effective in reprocessed PE & PP
  • Reduce Lacing, fisheyes in blown films
  • Eliminate porosity, blow holes caused by moisture
  • Reduce gels caused by moisture
  • Reduce Production losses
  • Reduce need for preheating.


  • Reprocessed PP resin
  • Reprocessed PE resin
  • Slightly wet virgin PP / PE resins
  • PP / PE with embedded moisture.
POLYDRY 04098 - PE